Inject a file into the Twine processing queue


twine-inject -h -c config-file -t mime-type < input-file


twine-inject reads a file from standard-input and feeds it to the AMQP message broker used by twine-writerd.

You can use twine-inject in lieu of having a specifically-written bridge, in order to inject messages of any content type for processing on an individual basis. Depending upon requirements, using twine-inject may be suitable for use as part of simple workflows, or simply for debugging message processing.

Note that at present, twine-inject does not interpret the specified MIME type nor file contents in any way whatsoever: provided the contents of the file were delivered to the AMQP message broker without incident, twine-inject will exit successfully.


Print a summary of command-line options and exit immediately.
-c config-file
Causes twine-writerd to load the specified configuration file instead of the default system-wide configuration file. See twine.conf for further information on the configuration file format.
-t mime-type

Input file MIME type. Required.

Specifies the content type of the message sent to twine-writerd. The processor module used to handle the message depends upon the MIME type specified; if no loaded processor module supports the MIME type of the message, processing by twine-writerd will fail.

See also

twine.conf, twine-writerd.