Connecting the UK’s publicly held archives to inspire new ways of learning

Welcome to the Research and Education Space (RES) – an initiative to improve access to public archives for use in education.

Since 2013, the RES project has been working with teachers, students and academics, along with curators of world class digital collections and product developers to improve the resources and tools available in all levels of education. RES is a partnership between Jisc, Learning on Screen and the BBC.

The BBC has built an open platform which indexes and organises the digital collections of libraries, museums, broadcasters and galleries to make their content more discoverable, accessible and usable to those in UK education and research. Images, TV and radio programmes, documents and text from world class organisations such as The British Museum, British Library, The National Archives, Europeana, Wellcome Trust and the BBC are all being indexed by RES. RES also enables developers to create digital educational products that will inspire learners, teachers and researchers by using applications powered by the RES platform.

Technical information about the RES platform can be found in the developer resources guide.

Developer resources