Open platform to build new products

The Research and Education Space (RES) provides an open platform built by the BBC. This means that anyone can make use of the index data and interpret it to build useful products and services aimed at UK education and research. We are working with ambitious and innovative product developers, such as Planet eStream, True Teach, Amplify and Gooii to create digital educational experiences that will inspire learners, teachers and researchers by using applications powered by the RES platform. We’d like to hear more ideas from you, so please get in touch to find out how you can incorporate RES into your products at

Developer resources

You will find guidance and documentation for application developers, data contributors and users of RES in the developer guides. RES offers a free, openly licensed index of cultural assets from some of the world's leading cultural institutions. Images, TV and radio programmes, podcasts, documents, text, pre-formatted teaching materials, and more are all being indexed by RES. Collections and datasets being made available through the RES platform include 600 TV and radio programmes from the BBC Shakespeare archive, 1,600 classroom clips from BBC Teach, 50,000 images from the BBC library, 1,500 media items from BBC RemArc (a Reminiscence Archive developed to benefit dementia patients and their carers) as well as digital resources from the Wellcome Collection, Natural History Museum, the British Library and Europeana amongst others. Plug RES into your product and you will instantly add value to your product and for your audience.

Developer resources

Building innovative products for creative learners

Our aim is to enable the production of products so that teachers looking to illustrate lesson plans will find a rich, carefully organised, properly licensed collection of relevant material. Students wanting to illustrate their coursework will find it incredibly easy to find the exact photo or video they need. Academics will be able to engage with specialist audio-visual resources that have been hitherto inaccessible.

Although we won’t always know who is using a product powered by RES, so far we’ve worked with the following companies to include aspects of the RES project in their products. Get in touch at if you’re powered by RES and want to be included here.

In 2014, BBC Connected Studio invited developers, digital agencies and start-ups to help build prototypes for the Research and Education Space platform. The following three prototypes were commissioned: