Twine writer daemon


twine-writerd -h -c config-file -f -d


twine-writerd is the processing and writer daemon for Twine, a Linked Open Data workflow engine.

twine-writerd connects to a queue on an AMQP 1.0 message broker and waits for messages to arrive. When they do, they are routed to a processor module, depending upon the content type of the message. The processor module translates the message contents into some kind of update operation on a quad-store.

Messages are delivered to the message broker through one or more bridges (see twine-inject for an example of a simple one-shot bridge).


Print a summary of command-line options and exit immediately.
-c config-file
Causes twine-writerd to load the specified configuration file instead of the default system-wide configuration file. See twine.conf for further information on the configuration file format.

Remain in the foreground.

Ordinarily, twine-writerd detaches from the controlling terminal and operates as a background process. The -f prevents this from happening.


Run in debugging mode (implies -f).

This option overrides the configuration such that logs are also sent to standard error, and the minimum log severity is set to debug.

Note that if connection URIs include credentials or other pieces of sensitive information, these will appear both on standard error, and in the system-wide logs (if logging-via-syslog is enabled in the configuration).

See also

twine.conf, twine-inject.